Kinematic plastic parts

Tata AutoComp Systems manufactures a variety of products at its state-of-the-art plants. It provides world-class interior and exterior products with contemporary styling and finish.

Air vents
Assist handles
Floor console
Grab handles
Cup holders
Glove box
Inside door latch

Engineering capabilities

Tata AutoComp offers strong design and development capabilities for a number of products.

These capabilities include:

Benchmarking, market studies to offer contemporary solutions and product improvements
Full-service supplier capabilities for the design, development, manufacture and supply of cockpit modules and interior and exterior trims
Design capabilities using CAD / CAE on I-DEAS, CATIA, PDGS, Pro-E software available in-house
Launch and PVT support / resident engineering to ensure smooth launch, quick feedback and immediate action whenever necessary

Manufacturing facilities

The company has seven manufacturing facilities in India (of which four are in Pune) and 1 manufacturing facility in Nanjing, China.

Through flexible operations, smaller batch sizes, low inventories and the ability to switch easily from components to system integration, it ensures cost-effective production and the ability to meet customer specifications and diverse requirements.

Its facilities include:

  • Sophisticated injection-moulding machines of various capacities equipped with quick mould changing and robotic systems. All machines are fitted with pick-and-place NC robots for the handling of products with grippers designed to fit product contours.
  • Four (4) state-of-the-art paint shops which include robotised painting facility including robotic flaming facility and one eco-friendly water-based paint shop.
  • Ultrasonic and vibration welding machines for dashboard assembly
  • Woodstock forming equipment that provides process options to the customer for different product lines.
  • Thermo-graining machine from Frimo, Germany
  • In-mould-graining machine from KTX Japan
  • Jenoptik laser scouring machine
  • Complete metrology laboratory facility

Testing and prototyping facilities:

  • PAB deployment testing facility with climatic chamber
  • 3-D coordinate measuring machine that helps in measurement, validation and reverse engineering
  • Climatic chamber that provides simulation of actual environmental conditions and a facility to test cockpits and similar-sized products
  • Melt flow index for incoming raw material inspection
  • Colorimeter for colour measurements
  • Visual chamber for simulating light conditions
  • Glossometer for measuring numerical values for gloss
  • Universal tensile testing machine
  • Multi-angle photo spectrometer

Through its global-standard quality assurance processes, including conformance to the QS 9000 and TS 16949 standards and process improvement initiatives such as Six Sigma, Kaizen and Kanban, it is nearing its target of an error rate of just 50 parts per million.

The plant facilities also ensure minimum ecological effects through processes that conform to ISO 14000 and ISO 14001 environmental standards.

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Tata AutoComp Systems Limited - Interiors and Plastics Division


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