Exhaust and Emission After-Treatment Solutions

TATA AutoComp along with its Joint Venture partner KATCON Global, designs and manufactures the entire Exhaust and Emission After Treatment system for Passenger Vehicles, Commercial Vehicles, Off Road Vehicles and Farm Equipment.

The product portfolio will mainly include Catalytic Converters, Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), Mufflers, Silencers, modules.

A Full Service Supplier:
Our Product Portfolio:
Exhaust Systems: Full Exhaust System that incorporates formed tubing, resonators, catalytic converters, flex couplings, flanges, hangers, mufflers and tailpipes. Providing system solutions for emissions, thermal, back pressure, durability, noise requirements and aesthetics.
Fully Integrated Hot End: Full hot end including exhaust manifolds (cast iron, stainless steel tubular or clamshell designs), down pipes, flex couplings, under floor converters and diesel filters. Packaging and integration of all elements to meet performance and durability requirements.
Agriculture SCR: Optimization of urea injection flow and ammonia distribution for SCR catalysts.
Manifold Mounted Converters: Complete integration of catalytic converters to exhaust manifolds. Specific insulation solutions to ensure an optimal under hood thermal management.
Close Coupled After-treatment: K-Box New compact all in one diesel after treatment system to meet stricter emissions and tighter packaging requirements.
Diesel Particulate Filters: Light and medium duty diesel particulate filter concepts targeting Euro5 and Euro6 emissions requirements. Complete canning concepts including temperature and pressure sensors as well as pressure lines.
DOC Euro4 and Euro5 Warm Up: Wide variety of configurations of Diesel Oxidation Catalysts (DOC) that adapt to complex packaging, durability requirements and underhood environments on customer applications.
DOC+DPF Euro5 Underfloor Shielded: Diverse range of oxidation and filtering solutions for diesel engines, from light to heavy duty.
Exhaust Manifolds: Cast Iron, Tubular or Clamshell Exhaust Manifolds. Full responsibility for design and supplier selection in particular for cast iron designs based on application specifications and optimization to ensure a precise A/F control.
Tubes: Tube bending and forming capabilities for single wall and insulated pipes. Up to 6 inch CNC stainless steel bending.
Catalytic Converters: Proven durable canning techniques Over 30 million converters sold worldwide with excellent quality and warranty performance. Advanced canning techniques available.

Technologies available with us:
  1. Nox Reduction Technology: 1. NOx Reduction expertise is based on a full understanding of the complete system. Provide Customers tailored applications and hands-on technical support, engine and system calibration support. software, algorithms and application development, prototyping, testing and certification.
    • Light & Heavy duty vehicles
    • On and Off Road applications
    • Industrial Applications
    • Emerging market
    • OEM & Retrofit

  2. Particulate Filter Active Regeneration Solution :
    • Light & Heavy duty vehicles
    • Off Road : Construction equipment, marine, train
    • Industrial application
    • OEM and Retrofit
    • Active regeneration by Fuel injection
    • Performance up to 90% PM reduction

  3. Heat Recovery:
    • Energy components carried away by the exhaust, are primarily:
      • Results of incomplete combustion
      • Incomplete expansion
      • Sensible heat
      • Latent heat of the water vapour created by burning of the hydrogen component of fuel.
    • Exhaust heat recovery could further be used on today hybrid engines to further increase its overall efficiency.
    • Management of heat recovery energy and power, could reach the 25% range in steady driving and much more in city driving (available energy increasing with decreased engine efficiency)..
    • Heat energy can be recovered and converted into useful mechanical energy to help propel the vehicle.
    • A heat engine is required to convert the recovered heat energy into mechanical energy.
    • Heat engines generally require compression and expansion of a working fluid.

Manufacturing Unit: Tata AutoComp Katcon Exhaust Systems Limited
Joint Venture Partner: KATCON Global, Mexico


Exhaust and Emission After-Treatment Solutions
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