Command and control cables

Tata AutoComp, along with its joint venture partner Ficosa, offers mechanical control cables: Our laboratories have developed a self-adjusting system to solve the problem of slackening caused by regular use of the system. The command-and-control system includes:

  • Clutch cable
  • Accelerator cable
  • Handbrake cable
  • Hood-opening cable
  • Fuel-cap-opening cable
  • Push-pull systems cable
  • Seat system cables
  • Transmission cable
  • Door opening cables
  • Window adjusting cables
  • Bowden cables

Our cables have the following advantages:

  • Easy snap mechanisms for quick fitment of the cables
  • Reduction in weight through plastic abutments
  • Better crimping process for plastic and metallic abutments
  • High flexibility of the conduit through twin wire and less flattening
  • Online control and assurance for pullout loads of end fittings
  • Pneumatic sleeve fitting with position control and interference fit

Parking-brake systems: Our parking brake system features a self-locking nut, which makes it simple to adjust, a defined lever ratio through cable guides, uniform strokes at both left and right brake shoes through an equaliser mechanism, routing flexibility through a twin wire conduit, and meets the life test.

Unique advantage: We manufacture and supply the complete parking brake system including the cable with the lever. It also integrates with the brake company to provide a complete solution for the product to its OEMs.

Gear-shifting systems: Our cable-type gear-shifting systems increase layout possibilities for the shifter with respect to the gearbox. Vibrations are isolated because cables are not as rigid as rods, have less weight and the frequency of vibration shifts from the gearbox to the cables. There is also an isolation of noise through a damper system that breaks the transmission of noise and smoothens gear shifting. These systems also improve safety performance and reduce fitting and assembly time.

Our gear shifting products include:

  • Rod-type systems
  • Cable-type systems
  • Dashboard systems
  • Ultra-compact systems, with illuminated, colourful covers and knobs

Windshield-washer systems: The company's washer system includes

  • Windshield washer systems
  • Headlamp washers systems

Our windshield-washer systems use fan-nozzle technology. The fan nozzles atomise the water, distributing the water better over the windscreen. Tata AutoComp also supplies its systems with the following pumps.

  • Mono-pump
  • Dual-pump

A single dual pump can be used to atomise both the front and rear windshields instead of the traditional two mono pumps. The dual pump reduces the space required to mount the pumps in the tank and helps save costs.

Engineering capabilities

Our design and engineering capabilities include:

  • Concurrent engineering
  • Geometric dimensioning and tolerance
  • Quality function deployment
  • Design for manufacturability / design for assembly
  • Value engineering
  • Design of experiments
  • Failure mode and effects analysis
  • Simulation techniques
  • Reliability engineering parts / robust linkages
  • Solid modelling
  • Rapid prototyping and analysis
  • Tool design for press tools, injection moulds and casting dies
  • 8-D resolution
  • Process-control techniques
  • Project-tracking techniques

We ensure maximum use of carryover and standard components, use the latest tools, such as DFMEA and DFMA, use engineering plastic instead of metals wherever permissible and Zamak end fittings instead of steel end fittings for cables.

Our laboratories have infrastructure that includes IDEAS, CATIA and AutoCAD.

Manufacturing facilities

Features of the cable manufacturing facility

  • State-of-the-art assembly lines
  • Flexible enough to accommodate a variety of designs
  • Single-piece flow concept with zero in-process inventory
  • All stations are fitted with Pokayoke devices
  • Online testing
  • Online lubrication

Features of the parking brake lever and cable manufacturing facilities

  • State-of-the-art parking brake lever and cable assembly lines
  • Flexible line to accommodate a variety of designs
  • Latest spin rivet technology for assembly
  • Pneumatic sleeve-fitting for accurate assembly
  • Optical sensors for sensing distances between end fittings and abutments for accurate control of lengths

Commitment to quality
Quality is of prime importance to us and the objective is to manufacture products that are fault-free and perfect. To optimise production and quality processes, stringent quality checks are made at the laboratory level and at each stage of the production process.

The demand for quality begins at the design and development stage. The technology and the methods adopted ensure that all prototypes are successful when subjected to the most rigorous and exacting analyses.

Manufacturing Unit: Tata Ficosa Automotive Limited
Joint Venture Partner: Ficosa, Spain


Command and control cables
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